preventive-dentistryPreventative dentistry is a very modern method of enabling you to be able to keep a healthy mouth. Gone are the days that our teeth used to fall out at 30, or that we were in so much pain with cavities that we opt to remove them anyway. Preventative dentistry is great, it helps you to be able to make sure that your mouth is healthy, and at the same time it means that you get to be able to keep your teeth for longer as you are looking after them more. Tooth loss is caused by gum disease and decay. The more you look after problems you have with your teeth, the longer you will have them, it really is very simple. When you visit VitaSmile, and work with our dental staff, in turn you are helping us to help you not need as much treatment. We can help to prevent you needing fillings and extractions, and once your tooth issues have been diagnosed, we will be able to recommend the correct treatment that you need in order to help you fix them.

Everyone can benefit from receiving preventative dentistry. It can be of benefit to those that have no teeth! Conditions like mouth cancers will be able to spotted with regular check-ups at the dentist. It is also never too late to begin receiving preventative dentistry, so if you are using the old it is too late excuses, then please, give us a call today and you will be amazed with the difference just one visit to Vitasmile can make. tractions, and once your tooth issues have been di

In a typical check up your teeth and gums will be looked at and then our dental professional’s will talk to you regarding any work that needs to be done. All tartar and plaque will be scraped from your mouth; this is known in the dental world as a scale and polish. We will be able to advise you about the best techniques to brush your teeth and how to reach in-between them. Plaque is forever building up on teeth whenever we eat or drink sugary items, it forms. Plaque is also one of the largest contributors to gum issues and tooth decay. When plaque is removed, it stops it being bale to build up into calcous (which is where it turns to a cement like state and looks unsightly on the teeth)

Preventative dentistry is all about making sure that your teeth are strong. It is not uncommon for fillings, crowns or caps to be recommended during a check-up if your dentist notices that you have weak teeth that are vulnerable to breaking and decay.

Basically, the sooner you start to visit a dentist here at VitaSmile, the sooner you can start to open the doors to good oral health, a great smile, and of course you can wave goodbye to all those fears about your teeth damaging further. Your smile is the best accessory you have to wear, so wear it with the pride it deserves. Call today to book an appointment at VitaSmile.