There is nothing better than a procedure that can promise to help to turn back the clock, without the need of having to go under the knife, dermal fillers can do just that. They are injectables which will allow you the chance to be able to correct your face, helping to improve scars, rhytides, and of course wrinkles! They will have immediate results, and look amazing. This article contains all the information you need before booking the procedure.

Dermal fillers are made from collagen; collagen was initially approved back in 1981. It gained huge popularity and started to sell on the market fast. This type of dermal filler is really effective in patients that would like to correct fine lines, scars that are shallow, and other facial issues. The results are not permanent, but they will be visible for up to ten years. Those years will be the best time of your life!

When using dermal fillers for moderately sized thytides, deep nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, collagen has great results. You can still expect to have to have frequent visits and top ups of dermal fillers. Usually your dermatologist will require you to undergo a skin allergy test beforehand. If you are allergic to the ingredients, then you don’t want to find out after they have already been injected into the face! If you have large folds in the skin, or deep rhytides then the results that you can expect are limited.

If you are a successful candidate for dermal fillers then they should be safe, painless and of course you must not be allergic to them. You can get instant results each and every time you have dermal filler treatments, and injecting them into the skin, should feel painless. Usually there is no down time on the recipient. There is also a very low risk of any complications as dermal fillers are very safe. Nowadays the market is full of products and treatments that promise to help you look more youthful, or to be able to improve your skin and get rid of flaws.
It is almost a must now to be able to turn back the clock, or freeze the time. Lunch time procedures for office staff have become the norm! We live in a self-obsessed world that has turned dinner breaks into a quick run to get Botox, or a fast paced walk for your next dose of dermal fillers. If it means that you do not have to go under the knife, then it is a lot more appealing to everyone. Let’s face it who likes the prospect of going under the knife, and not being able to see the results until you wake up?!

So What Can You Expect From Dermal fillers?

Dermal fillerswill be injected into the dermis. Those that receive them will then be told not to manipulate the areas that have been treated as it is possible for the filler to shift. It is best to apply a cool pack to the places that were treated in order to reduce temporary inflammation that may occur after the treatment. If you feel like joining the never ending list of patients that have had dermal fillers, then why not call one of our experts today and book an appointment? VitaSmile are here to be able to boost your confidence levels, allowing you to walk out a completely different person.