Here at VitaSmile, we are proud to be able to offer you the six month smile clear brace system. It is on offer here in our dental practice, and has been allowing people to be able to have the opportunity to improve their smile and get the perfect alignment that they dream of. We offer you a great orthodontic consultation where our expert will talk you through the whole six month smile procedure. Six month smiles are basically fitted to your teeth like regular braces with brackets and wires. They are however, coloured to fit in with the natural atheistic of your mouth and will be almost invisible in day to day situations. Another upside to the procedure is of course that it is fast, effective and will not see you having to have multiple appointments over a long period of time. It is as the name would suggest a six month procedure. One that VitaSmile aims to make one of the best experiences of your life.


A lot of people wonder how the teeth can be straightened in six months. This is possible because the six month smile strategy is to use technology to be able to effectively move your teeth quickly and of course safely. One of the key components that is used during the procedure is the unique, almost invisible braces that are clear when you flash a smile.

Six months is a very short space of time and the fact that you will not have the braces visible, that makes the procedure all the more appealing to people. It is one of the most commonly chosen methods of straightening teeth today. The braces are comfy and use low force to move the teeth into place. Because the system is very fast a lot of people jump to the assumption that this works quickly because the brackets and wires are very tight, but this is not the case. It utilises very standard methods of orthodontics but focuses on your smile, not your bite.

The system has been proven not to cause damage to the teeth, gums or roots. The material is light, and usually it is not necessary to have teeth from overcrowding removed. There are very few risks that are involved with the whole procedure.six-monthsf

You will have to wear the retainer to ensure that your teeth are positioned. If you do not like the idea of wearing one that is removable, then you can opt to have one glued to your teeth instead. There are a whole host of options on offer, just make sure to discuss those with our VitaSmile professional.

 If you are over the age of 15 and have teeth that need to be straightened, then you are a perfect candidate for the six month smile procedure. Make sure to book an appointment today and call to schedule a timing that is suitable for you. You are only one call away from starting to get a perfect smile. Book now.