If you have visited the dentist recently, and have been told that you need to have fissure sealants placed over your tooth or teeth, then you will quite rightly be wondering what fissure sealants are. This article has been written to offer you a little more information about fissure sealants.

In dentistry fissure sealants are a treatment that is on offer, which is intended to prevent tooth decay from occurring. Our teeth have small recesses that are on the surface of the teeth, these recesses are natural. They are there in order to help to aid us when eating. Typically, the back teeth in our mouth have more grooves. The teeth that are at the front of the mouth contain  cinglum pits. It is those pits that are more prone to tooth decay. This is because when we eat, food sticks inside them and they are hard to reach areas of the teeth to clean. Fissure sealants are materials that are put inside the pits of the teeth and fissures to be able to fill them in, and help to make a surface that is smooth and easier to clean when brushing the teeth. Fissure sealants area a very common procedure prescribed to kid, as they are more at risk of getting tooth decay, due to improper oral hygiene and inability to be able to reach their teeth properly when brushing. Usually they are placed on the teeth when our adult molar teeth have fully grown. Once in place they will protect your teeth and are highly preventative against further damage and decay.

Fissure Sealants Help When Teeth Have Lost Minerals

The teeth are prone to loosing minerals and this usually occurs when bacteria in the mouth is produced by fermenting foods. This then creates acid and the teeth get their minerals from our saliva and the natural fluoride that is present inside the mouth. When the chemical balance inside the mouth is skewed, down to eating carbs, having poor oral hygiene, and a lack of fluoride consumption, the teeth continue loosing minerals. Over a period of time this causes tooth decay resulting and the need to have fissure sealants. We use them to help prevent further damage to the teeth. It is a less invasive approach to modern dentistry offering great results. Fissure sealants aim to prevent or stop the teeth reaching the stage where they develop cavities. If your tooth reaches the point of getting a cavity, it is the point of no return, and you will have to have a dental restoration to be able to get rid of, and repair the damage. It is extremely important to keep good hygiene and to try to maintain your teeth for as long as possible to be able to enjoy your food, and of course, your smile looking healthy.

If your dentist has recommended that you have fissure sealants placed on you teeth, you are making the right choice by booking an appointment with one of our dental staff. You will be able to prevent further damage, and keep your smile preserved. Book an appointment today with one of our dentists. The sooner you have the procedure performed, the sooner you can get your smile back!