Wisdom teeth usually start to grow at the back of the gums in our late teens, or early twenties. At this point all 28 of our adult teeth are in place. There is usually not enough room for the wisdom teeth to be able to grow properly, and most people will have to remove them in order to allow the other teeth to avoid overcrowding, and pain. Because the space in our mouths is limited, wisdom teeth that do grow start to emerge at funny angles, or cannot get out at all and are stuck; only partially coming out of the gums. When they grow and are stuck, it is known as impacted in the dental world.

Removal of wisdom teeth is the third most common procedure that takes place in the UK today. You should see your dentist if you have pain or discomfort as a result of wisdom teeth. We will check around, usually making an x-ray of your mouth which will allow us to see your teeth clearly. All teeth issues require you to see a dental professional as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more pain and discomfort you will be in. With today’s technological advancements it is really not necessary to be any pain with teeth.

We will remove wisdom teeth if they are impacted, but usually, if they are not and do not make any problems then we will allow you to keep them. There really are no proven benefits to extract wisdom teeth and it can result in complications if they do not pose a threat to you.

If you are told you need to remove them though, it will be because we do not want you to have further issues like tooth decay. Tooth decay, can develop when plaque builds up on wisdom teeth, as a result of you not being able to reach them to clean properly. Food and bacteria can get trapped on them and they will result in complications. Gum disease is another common side effect of wisdom teeth that have not grown properly, this starts when plaque builds up and releases toxins that causes irritation to the gums. They will get swollen, red, and affect the surrounding teeth and the bones present inside wisdom teeth.

Pericorontis is a common infection when plaque from wisdom teeth starts to make an infection on the outer tissue that surrounds the teeth.

Cellulitus, this is an infection of bacteria that occurs in the throat, tongue or cheek.

Abscesses are when horrible pus gets collected inside the wisdom teeth or tissue in the surrounding area, creating a bacterial infection.

Cysts and tumors that are none cancerous can also happen as a result of problem wisdom teeth. We can treat all of these with antibiotics and mouthwashes that have antiseptic properties. If treatment has not worked we will suggest you remove your wisdom teeth to further issues.

How Are They Removed?

We will inject a local anesthetic that numbs the area and you will feel a little pressure just as the tooth comes out. It usually takes about half an hour if you are lucky. You will have a little discomfort that will last no longer than two weeks. This is not as much discomfort as you will have though if you didn’t remove the tooth. Contact us today. VitaSmile know what’s right for you.