The Importance Of Keeping Good Dental Hygiene To Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is often the result of poor dental hygiene, and when you have this condition it can be extremely embarrassing. You can find yourself worrying about opening your mouth, sitting next to people and nodding your head as you are worried to be found as smelly, and it is sadly usually the people around the sufferers of this condition that find out first. Quite often they will not tell you, or will mock you for having the condition. You could become the butt of office jokes because you are not maintaining good dental hygiene.

The bad smell that comes out of the mouth comes from the tonsils and the throat too. It is caused by a number of things, dental cavities that need to be filled, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, a coated tongue, a dry mouth,  dehydration, and smoking. There are of course other reasons that the condition exists, but these are the most common ones. If your mouth is not clean then you are allowing bacteria to be able to multiply with vengeance. The plaque buildup on your teeth causes a sulphourous smell, similar to gas that is passed. Most bad breath is because of poor oral hygiene and it can be treated quickly and effectively, with fast results. Your dental hygienist will be able to help you out a lot and prescribe the correct treatment to allow you to wave good bye to poor oral hygiene, and the prospect of bad breath.

Frau tetet AtemAround fifty percent of population suffers with bad breath. Each tooth should be taken care of like it is an organ in the body. Failure to brush just one tooth correctly can result in tooth loss, and cause bad breath from plaque buildup. Plaque build up is the main cause of tooth loss and gum disease. It has also been proven that gum disease is linked with diabetes. Bacterium in cavities can also produce chemicals that react with the brain, and can trigger a learning disability. Cleaner teeth are better for everyone. Preventative dental health is something that your hygienist can help you with. You need to chew food correctly, on both sides of the mouth, brush your teeth after food, and drink enough fluid in the day. You can even use a cotton wool ball with water to clean the gums and it will help to keep bad breath and poor hygiene at bay.

Chewing sugar free chewing gum can also help you to be able to make more saliva and this will help your breath to stay fresh, and also means that your teeth will be kept in better condition. Fresh fruits, crispy snacks and vegetables are also great to eat in-between meals, and help to wash the bacteria between teeth and the gums and tongue away. Good oral health needs to be part of your lifestyle. Book an appointment with VitaSmile today to ensure that your oral health is good as well.