Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is used to be able to treat an internal infection in the tooth. The infection will occur in the root canal system, otherwise known as endodontics. When an infection happens, it is because bacteria that lives inside the mouth, has been able to evade the tooth. Usually, this will happen when you have had tooth decay, a filling that leaked, or some type of trauma to the tooth like a fall.
The teeth are made up of two sections. The crown is the upper part of the tooth that we can see. The root is the part that is below the gums and extends into the jaw, helping to anchor the tooth into place. Teeth also have enamel, which is the coating that hardens the outside of our teeth. Dentine is a much softer substance that helps to keep the enamel supported. It is dentine that forms most of the tooth. Cementum is also present in teeth. This substance is a harder material that helps to coat the surface of the root. Finally, dental pulp, this is a soft tissue present in the middle of the tooth.
The root canal system in the teeth is filled with dental pulp and it starts from the crown of the tooth, working to the end of the root. Each tooth is capable of having more than one root canal system.
When an infection occurs in the root canal system, the pulp that includes blood vessels and nerves is affected. The pulp that is present inside your tooth will start to die, when it is infected with bacteria. Because the teeth are prone to bacteria with the food we eat, it is very easy for it to multiply, spreading quickly. It can pass out of the end of the root canal, inside a small hole which is set into place for the nerves and blood vessels to enter. Once this has happened it will carry on to get worse, as there is nothing in place to prevent that bacteria from entering. The end of the tooth will be red and swollen and it will make the tissues in the tooth painful, sometimes if the case is extreme you can also get dental abscesses.
The Root Canal Treatment Procedure
We treat root canal infections by getting rid of the bacteria present in the root canal system. Once it has been taken out we will then fill the tooth with a filling or a crown. Usually, the tooth will then reheal itself. Before you undergo this procedure we will administer a local anesthetic to ensure that you do not have pain. It should not hurt anymore than a usual filling. Root canal treatment is highly successful and nine out of ten cases can mean that a tooth will survive a further ten years after having the procedure done.
You need to look after your teeth, when you are getting over a root canal treatment. Do not bite hard things until the treatment is complete. Good oral hygiene is vital, and cutting down on sugary foods. Also, quitting smoking if you are a smoker will help. Smokers are more prone to infection in the teeth. Get in touch with a member of VitaSmile today and arrange your root canal treatment.

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